MAY 2022


To observe a decade of service, Rotaract Hague International embarked on a purpose-driven journey through the 10-Year Anniversary Move-a-Thon. Held from May 1 to July 9, this event symbolised our unwavering commitment to making a tangible impact. In partnership with Rotaract Groningen, we ventured beyond the bounds of mere exercise, dedicating our active minutes to support Stitching Local Care—a charity with a heart for vulnerable communities, particularly in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine.

The Move-a-Thon was a convergence of collective goodwill, rooted in the understanding that our steps could translate into significant change. As participants tracked their exercise minutes and garnered support from compassionate sponsors, the event resonated deeply with a shared sense of purpose. Beyond the financial contribution, the Move-a-Thon embodied unity and empathy, reminding us that being active can extend far beyond personal health, contributing to a greater cause. With a remarkable total of 5000 EUR raised, this event stands as a testament to the strength of unity and the impact of purpose-driven action.

In retrospect, the 10-Year Anniversary Move-a-Thon serves as a reminder that small steps, when taken together, can lead to profound results. It encapsulated Rotaract Hague International's ethos—fostering positive change by joining hands, hearts, and actions. As we reflect on this journey, we're reminded that a decade of service is not just about the years passed, but about the milestones achieved and the lives touched along the way.
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