JUN 2023

rotaract for SOUTH AFRICA

Four Rotaract clubs: The Hague, Amsterdam, Delft, and Groningen, joined forces to conceive a compelling and ambitious end-year 2022-2023 project.

“UMOJA”, meaning unity in Swahili, was a fundraising charitable event executed in collaboration between Rotary, Baby Box, and The Traveller. The event was hosted to raise funds to support underprivileged mothers and their newborns in South Africa. The event’s earnings garnered through ticket sales and a raffle featuring an artwork contribution from Clemens P. Suter were channelled towards the benevolent cause of Baby Box Project, an organisation based in South Africa.

The event remarkably raised a total of 1729€, which translates into 64 Baby Boxes brimming with essential provisions for the well-being and survival of the newborns.

Special thanks to Roy and the Traveller Team, Avalon Mix Chicks and Rotary for their support.

~ Rubí Márquez-Alonso
Umoja (Unity) To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.
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