FEB 2023

shelterboxes for turkey & syria

As a proud individual Rotaractor coming from Türkiye, I am particularly touched by the impact of this initiative. It highlights the true nature of Rotary and Rotaract, showcasing our collective strength and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most. The solidarity displayed through this partnership reinforces the power of community and compassion. With gratitude and a sense of purpose, we look forward to continuing our efforts to create a brighter, more resilient future.
During the Rotaract year 2022-2023, our Club took a heartfelt initiative to extend a helping hand to those in need in Turkey and Syria. In response to the devastating earthquake that took place in Türkiye and Northern Syria, we collaborated with the Rotary Club of the Hague Metropolitan to make a meaningful impact. Together, we rallied our members and friends to raise funds for ShelterBox, which is a remarkable humanitarian organisation specialising in providing emergency shelter and essential supplies to those who have been affected by disasters and conflicts.

Through the generosity of our donors, we successfully raised enough funds to provide three ShelterBoxes, totalling 2,250 EUR. This contribution played a vital role in aiding families who have lost everything in the wake of this tragedy in Türkiye and Syria.

ShelterBox's approach is to supply shelter, essential items, and technical assistance to vulnerable communities aligns perfectly with our core values. In Türkiye, ShelterBox provided emergency tents and a range of essential items, including blankets, mattresses, stoves, and lighting. Similarly, in Syria, their partnership with the local organisation Bahar enabled them to supply tents, high thermal blankets, mattresses, solar lights, and water carriers. These efforts are tailored to the specific needs of each community, demonstrating a profound understanding of the importance of adapting support in the face of diverse challenges.

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